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Simple Farm Budget Template
Below is a simple Farm Budget Template that allows the calculation of both Cashflow and
Net Profit.

The model will calculate overdraft interest and credit interest on "overdraft" funds automatically.

You may wish to use it conjunction with Livestock Trading and Grain & Fodder trading schedules. Click on the links to goto those downloadable spreadsheets.

    1. Enter Farm Name into appropriate cell (C2).
    2. Alter Months in Row 4 to reflect the period under analysis.
    3. Enter Opening Bank Balance into cell (C68).
    4. Enter appropriate interest rates on overdraft and credit funds (C70 and C71)
    5. Enter Appropriate figures in each month for each row heading.
    6. Row headings can be altered to tailor the budget to your own circumstances
    7. To calculate the budget press (F9).
Caution: Do not change rows with Formulas as this will change calculations and results may not be arithmetically correct.

For further information: Contact Russell Cummings
        Note: The spreadsheet below is in Excel format (Excel 97). To download on the Icon below click on the spreadsheet icon (Depending on your Browser, you might need to double click on the Icon).

        You will either be asked where to save the sheet or it will load into your Browser (depending on your browser). If it loads into your browser, choose File/Save As to and save the file to the appropriate directory on your system. Then either press the Back Button or close your Browser. The saved file can then be open in Excel.

        If you would like the file converted to another format, please contact the ARC Editor, Russell Cummings, on

      About the Author: Russell Cummings
      Russell Cummings is the Manager of Strategic Business Development, a Canberra based Business Development firm.

      Russell has had in excess of 15 years experience as an Adviser and Facilitator to the Agribusiness Industries including 13 years with Hassall & Associates: Agricultural Consultants and Accountants.

      Russell has specialist skills in strategic planning, business development and benchmarking analysis and has a unique understanding of all sectors of the Agribusiness Industry from rural production to processors to distribution to sales and exports to the services industries.

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